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General Information

  • Currently medically-private and state institutions can not escape the need to expedite relation medic-patient-institution, because they need to be incorporated into existing systems and technologies (telemedicine, telegestion, etc. . ) and progress related to e-health (e -Health).

  • The interaction that arises between health authorities, emergency medical centers, health professionals, patients, public health, universities, non-governmental organizations ( NGOs), etc. Is more complex dams and, besides, volume and administrative informacinmdica is permanently increasing.

  • Medicaldata includes advances in technologies of communication informaciny (ICT ) but adds, in addition, the possibility of an effectiveness without electricity, telephones and systems everything stops working if catastrofes. Also provides other extra fundamental contribution because it solves the obstacle of language barriers.

  • The software and card Medicaldata a means of immediate information of doctors history of great importance to avoid further difficulties, which gives more security to the doctor, by informing key data essential for proper treatment.



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