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Intellectual Property

The brand is currently registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) of the Republic. Is registered in Class 42, as well as scientific and technological services and research and design services relating thereto; services industrial analysis and research; design and development of computer hardware and software, of the Nice Classification, belonging to the area disservice.

Consumer protection

The following laws are considered in terms of consumer protection:
Law No. 24,240: Consumer protection and modifying Law No. 26.361:
Chapter I (General Provisions), II (Consumer information and protection of health), III (Conditions of the offer and sale), V (From the provision of services.)

Privacy and protection of personal data

MedicalData has sensitive information of each user account in the database with all the medical information of each user of the card, which is why we take into
Account Law No. 25,326 of personal data protection . Given that there is the possibility of providing data via the Internet by users, if unable to attend
personally to the company, meets Provision No. 10/2008 which states that managers and users of public banks or private data, must include in their
website and in any communication or advertising, particularly in the forms used to collect personal data, information.
Apart from the latter complies with the following provisions Regulation No. 6/2008 : Procedure control in implementing informed consent forms .
Provision No. 11/2006 : Apruébense the " Security Measures for Treatment and Storage of Personal Data In Files , Records and Databases Banks nonstate Public and Private Data" .

Other laws and regulations applicable to the activity

Law No. 26,529 and Law No. 26,742 modified Patient Rights in its Relations Professionals and Institutions of Health.
Law No. 24.430 Argentina National Constitution Article No. 42 : Consumers and users of goods and services they are entitled, in the ratio of consumption to protect their health, safety and interests
economic ; to adequate and accurate information ; freedom of choice, fair condition and dignity.
The authorities shall provide for the protection of these rights, consumer education , the competition against all forms of market distortion , control of natural and legal monopolies , the quality and efficiency of services public , and the establishment of associations of consumers and users.
The legislation will establish effective procedures for the prevention and resolution of conflicts , and regulatory frameworks of public services of national competence, providing the necessary participation of associations of consumers and users and interested provinces in the agencies.
Law No. 17,132 : Rules for the practice of medicine , dentistry and collaborative activity thereof. (Article 11).
Law No. 11,179 : Argentine Penal Code. ( Chapter III , Secrets and Violation of Privacy , Article 156).

implementation of legal and business tax

Us MedicalData, this incorporated as an LLC (limited liability company) and complies with the following laws:
Law No. 19,550 on Corporations published in the Official Gazette No. 22409 dated April 25, 1972.



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