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This development, unique in its kind internationally, is the concretion of an interdisciplinary work, by Argentine professionals coordinated by Dr. David Ghelman and Lic. Viviana Ghelman Burbridge.

The company

The Fundaciòn Imagen sponsors since 1996 the development and research of this PERSONAL HEALTH INFORMATION SYSTEM AND INSTITUTIONAL USE nationally and internationally. This system is based on the use of GA Odontologico Medical alphabetically, for immediate reading anywhere in the world, made ​​with images or pictograms allow directly be read visually or using computer systems without understanding difficulties in different languages.
The double-reading immediately at a glance, or computerized media-characterizes and qualifies as a genuine advance in the field of communications of medical history.


Security and medical information instantly and updated to always be protected.


Being the best and only company that provides medical service based on a credential with all the history of each individual clinic staff and that everyone in the world is the credential holder, for tranquility, speed and user safety and medical service.



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