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General Information

  • The MEDICALDATA card is a means of immediate feedback of medical history of importance to avoid further difficulties, providing protection in the care & ng medica, giving you more security and tranquility, offering to the medico guidance data for proper treatment in an emergency , which prevents injuries due to ignorance of their history in those unforeseen emergencies.

  • This way , you and your family can live lighter that possesses adequate medical information to be used at the right time and their caracteriacute , special Statistics avoids confusion of identities in extreme situations and staying current 24 hours , the 365 days a year.

  • No other card offers what Medicaldata he is offering , and that can be read anytime and anywhere in the world, whether or not readers microchips, missing energiacute , to electrical or absence of telefoniacute , mobile , since by its characteristics and not have language barriers , can be leiacute ; da anywhere in the world.

  • This gives validity to situations where the media do not work, as in cases of earthquakes , tsunamis , accidents, etc. . or simply the public via.

  • Using Medicaldata in elderly , children or people with disabilities , provide necessary information when they can not provide it. You should bring Medicaldata credential at all times , to be presented each time you consider it necessary, for example if you need to use some medical service, have the right information at the right time.



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